Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Taking some time out at the WWBH

Hi folks!

We're taking a break for a while over here at the WWBH, Leanne has all the details ...


We're going on vacation! After at least four years of faithfully bringing you weekly photo prompts to inspire your creative side, the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop team is going on an extended (not indefinite) sabbatical to rest, regroup, and refresh.

At this point we plan on returning June 3, 2015 for some fresh summer fun with new prompts and maybe a new twist for this old favorite. :)

In the meantime, we'll leave you with the final story written by one of our most faithful blog hop participants, Scott Taylor. Thank you, Scott, for your awesome, funny, heartwarming, and creative entries!

Also, if you are really sad now because you really wanted to participate but just hadn't been able to, here's a list of all the prompts of this year so far.

Feel free to write as many stories as you wish and submit them to the link below. (The same rules apply as listed in each prompt!)

We'll publish all the stories when the Blog Hop returns in June! Be inspired and keep writing!

Farewell for now. <3

Your friends and weekly hostesses, Tena Carr, Heather Musk, Debb Stanton, and Leanne Sype

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

WWBH time again ...

Hi folks! How are we all doing? Each day it seems like the sun is battling with the clouds for dominance in the sky, but more often than not it seems to be winning now. 

Spring is arriving in my garden with the new growth coming through and the daffodils establishing themselves. It's the promise of new beginnings, and I can feel the same thing happening within my own spirits.

Talking of new beginnings, it's the beginning of a new week for the WWBH. We have two stories sparked from last weeks prompts, and here they are:

Checkmate by Leanne Sype

Meekahs Forever Home by Tena Carr

So, do you fancy having a go at the WWBH? Just write a ~500 word piece of flash fiction based on the picture prompts that I'll reveal in a moment.
Link up by next Tuesday to the froggy at the bottom, and then on Wednesday we'll reveal what everyone else has come up with.

If you are new to the WWBH, please do check out the full rules and guidelines first, we'd hate to have to omit a story for something minor.

And now to this weeks prompts, which is one picture and five random words:

milkshake, sausage, button, pumpkin, grasshopper

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Back on the hop, the WWBH hop!

Hi folks! It's been a little while I know, but I'm still knocking around the blogosphere in a somewhat limited capacity.

Thank you to the comments of encouragement on my Having my doubts ... post. I'm still in a kind of limbo with the whole blogging thing but the good news is that I'm not worrying myself too much about it. Life's too short for all of that, right?

So, we're still rocking over here at the WWBH and Tena has the prompts for us this week. I haven't contributed myself for a little while, but maybe I just will for this one ...



Wishing everyone a Wonderful Wednesday. I hope your week so far has been a great one.

Let's take a look at the two stories from last week's prompt:

Now then on to this week's prompt. I've decided to go with two photos, meaning that your story must include and be related to the two pictures that I will provide below.....

But first, here is a quick run-through of the rules (for a more in-depth look head over to my main WWBH Page
  • Write a 500 word (give or take) story related to the prompt (either two photos or one photo/five words)
  • In the case of five words, your words must be clearly indicated in the story
  • Please remember the photos used are the property of the WWBH Host in question (unless otherwise stated). While you are welcome to use the photo in your blogpost, please do not share as your own works (credit is very much appreciated).
  • Please make mention that your story is for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop (WWBH). While not required, a link to the hop is appreciated. Also appreciated is if you tag your story WWBH (and don't forget to link up to the blue froggy below)
  • Any questions contact one of the WWBH blog hop hosts: Leanne, Heather, or myself

OK then.... The two photos to inspire your story


{So you know, my son helped me in choosing the two photos}
And lastly.... Make sure you link to the froggy below so we may include your story in next week's hop kick-off.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Having my doubts ...

So, the year started off alright, I've had a boost of energy to get on with my writing, but I'm starting to have blogging doubts and I'm not sure if I want to carry on with either of them at the moment.

I have this blog for the fun stuff and I have a Wordpress blog which is just for fiction stuff. I haven't been posting all that frequently and when I do it seems to be the same old stuff all the time. I try and get back into it and keep up with what others are posting, but I feel like my heart just isn't in it anymore. It's feeling more of a nuisance if I'm honest, distracting me from the writing that I'd rather be doing.

Over the past few days I've seriously thought about knocking it on the head, at least for now, and concentrating on my stories. I've got into a bad habit of not finishing anything and I've got some really good ideas that I want to spend time on and see through to the end. I'm also doing a Literature and Creative Writing degree that I don't want to suffer, put that together with two young children and working three days a week … Phew! Have I really been trying to do all that?

I swing back and forth though, one day I'll decide that's it, my life would be more straightforward without the blogging thing niggling at the back of my mind. The next day I think I shouldn't be too hard on myself, I only need to blog once a week, nobody's really keeping tabs on me. Are you? And it's a brilliant community to be a part of.

See, just by writing this post I'm feeling better about it, and wondering if maybe I can keep it up. Does anyone else get feelings like this? Do you get to the point where you think 'is there any point to this? Why should I even bother?' I'd love to read some words of encouragement, and I know you're all pretty great at that.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What's that coming over the hill, is it a ... WWBH prompt, what else!

Hi folks! The past week really has just flown by, don't you think? I didn't even have time to stop and write anything for last weeks WWBH prompt, and it's left me feeling empty.

Don't worry though, Leanne is here with another prompt for the coming week. Knock yourselves out ...

(Although, not literally :-) )

Oh how I am so glad an entire week has passed. Last week, I was sick with one of the most painful viruses I have ever experienced in my life. It sounds dramatic, and believe me it was. But like most viruses, it was done wreaking havoc in a week's time. So Wednesday feels extra nice this week!

Speaking of viruses, we have a fresh Writer Wednesday Blog Hop photo prompt today! Wait... huh? (There really is no smooth transition for heinous virus to blog hop, humor me. :) ) But there is nothing "sickly" about the stories that came through from last week's prompt (see what I did there? Okay... I'll stop.).

Check out these awesome creations and be sure to leave some comment love for the author's okay?

Rekindled by Bronwyn Marcus

Proposal in a Shoe by Tena Carr

Getting Ready by Sally Stackhouse

Fun, huh? Okay, here's the short version of how to do the blog hop. If you are a first-timer, please click here for the full description of the guidelines.

1) Use the photo and the provided five chosen words in your story.
2) Keep your word count 500 or less (or a few more words if they're needed...).
3) You have until next Tuesday night to link up your story.
4) Use the Blue frog below to add your story at Leanne's or Tena's websites and follow the instructions.
5) Have fun, don't stress, and let those creative juices flow!

Here is your photo and five words:



Tuesday, 10 February 2015

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now WWBH go! 

Hi folks!

It's Wednesday again, mid-week, hump-day, whatever you like to call it. How's everyone's week been going so far? Mine has been pretty productive, surprisingly, and I seem to be on the verge of settling into a writing groove. I don't like to talk it up too much though, I don't want to scare it away ...

So, did you all enjoy the stories on the WWBH prompts last week? Did you fancy having a go but just didn't get around to it? Well, don't fret, we have a fresh prompt for you right here, to get your writing taste buds a-tingling.

First, though, we have two stories in response to last weeks photo and word prompt:

Skins by Leanne Sype

To take part yourself, just write a ~500 word piece of flash fiction based on the picture prompts that I'll reveal in a moment.
Link up by next Tuesday to the froggy at the bottom, and then on Wednesday we'll reveal how everyone else has been inspired. We'll also have a brand new prompt for you to get your teeth into.

If you are new to the WWBH, please do check out the full rules and guidelines first, we'd hate to have to omit a story for something minor. 

For this week I've gone for a bit of a romantic spin, seeing as it is 14th February this weekend. I don't do anything soppy myself (my husband and I are going to a rugby match for our celebrations, so excited!) but I know some of you are itching to get your romance side exercised. So, take these for a spin and let us know how you get on ...

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Go forth, and write! - a WWBH prompt post

Hi folks!

This weeks Writer Wednesday blog hop is in the safe hands of Tena Carr, who is talking a little about deadlines and missing them. I'm sure she didn't see my IWSG post before hand ...

Are you on the hop?

If any of you have kids in school you've probably had to deal with the Science Fair. I swear every school does them, every year.

Since we had been homeschooling our son for a few years, previous to moving to Arizona and putting him into the school system here, we hadn't had to deal with the whole Science Fair mess (and believe me it can be a royal mess). Once again, like last year, we're hitting that last minute mark and rushing to get everything done and ready to go -- You know what I mean - late night, early morning, throwing it all together.

And wouldn't you know the project was due yesterday, the day I should have been putting together this week blog hop... Not much of an excuse considering the project was due in the morning and I had all day to throw something together, but then I spent the whole rest of the day going on little sleep and a husband who had 2 doctors appointments and had also decided that we should spend the day out (between appointments and picking up our son) doing shopping and other errands.....

And.... Ohhh dear, I'm going on and on, and you guys are wanting to know about this week's Hop.

Right, getting back on track... But first, real quick (I promise), we are starting up our blog hop "Featured Writer" button again. Each month a random winner is chosen and a button is created (or you can create your own) and featured on our blogs (Leanne, Heather, and myself; There is also Debb who is on a brief sabbatical who might also put up the monthly "Featured Writer" button). Also, a short blurb will be written in our 'beginning of the month' Hop. 

So how does the Featured Writer thing work? Each time you submit a story, after submitting 3, your name goes into a "digital" hat each month. A random winner is chosen from that "hat" to be our Featured Writer... this month it's Scott Taylor


So why not head on over and check out his blog (just make sure you return back here for the blog hop). Scott is one of our regular submitees (ok I'm not sure if there is such a word or if I'm even closing to spelling correctly). He was our top writer (number of submissions for 2014, and I think maybe 2013). For the longest time he was well known, here, for his Cap't Monkey & Tooele Boy short stories (I think he's taken a bit of a break from the Capt Monkey stories, but not from writing short stories). 

And, of course, last week's entries:

All-righty, so, on to this week's hop. Since I've already put in so much preliminary info into this blog I won't go into all the rules - You can view them on the WWBH page. 

  • 500 words (give or take)
  • must include the 2 photos; or the photo and the 5 words must be prominent (bolded) in your story, Please give proper credit (don't steal/share pics as your own)
  • while not required a brief mention of the blog hop would be much appreciated... 

The 5 Words to be used this week are:
And the photo the story must be about:


Once you've written your story, don't forget to submit via the froggy below: